I have always had a bit of a entrepreneurial bug. I started creating my own candles. Became a merchandiser for a online jewelry company and even took a stab at starting my own virtual assistant business. I am always thinking “in a perfect world what would my dream job be?” I definitely think it would be something in entertainment. After graduating from law school I wanted to pursue entertainment law while being in the fashion business on the side. A little ambitious I know lol.  So I pose the questions to my WordPress community…what is your dream job?




Watch “SERIES: FIRST” on YouTube

SERIES: FIRST: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVo7nGot4fPjY4FdstC5d5DQ-4accPFIb

Its the end ofbthe week so I caught up on some facebook surfing and came across a post about a new webseries on youtube called “First” by Issa Rae.  For those who have seen the classic move Love Jones this has been deemed the modern day version.  I saw the first episode and I am ready for episode number 2.