I have seen the preview to this video a few times but after a coworker sent me the link to watch I figured “no time like the present”. After watching this video I was so proud to be who I am and proud to be a girl


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Women can have it all…or can we?

I was getting ready to write about this very topic but Demetria Lucas of A Belle in Brooklyn and The Root beat me to it.

The articles discussed this now popular topic according to the thoughts of Pepsi’s CEO Indra Nooyi. Nooyi took the position that “she didn’t think women could have it all-whatever all means…”

Where has the interest on this question come from? Why now? There may be some women who feel they have it “all” already. Who are we to say they don’t have it already?

I am sure this will not be the last we hear of this question.



Summer time ready….

Seems like its been a few weeks since my last post. Between my last post and now I have been going going going. My body said “pump your brakes” Now I am in a space of relaxation and reflection. Te summer time has arrived and I am ready to soak up all the sun.


Stay tuned…….




It’s all about perception

Over the last couple of weeks the word perception has been floating through my world. I recently came to the realization that my perception played a part in my frustrations in life.  I found myself experiencing serious frustrations with my current job. The crazy thing is I started this job several months ago after working as a temporary employee and praying to become a permanent employee with this same company. Strange I know. I also realized it was that same perception that created frustrations in my very own relationship. Time out! What was really going on. By nature I am a thinker and now it was time to think.20140413_161702

I recently watched one of TD Jakes sermons on youtube and came across one of his more recent sermons on INSTINCT. After watching this sermon I realized that my perceptions needed to be changed. My perception was misguided thereby affecting my mindset and leading into frustrations that were unnecessary. A new day has become and thereby I have adopted a new mindset. I am rejuvenated.


-The Everyday chronicles

New obsession: Webisodes

I am sure I am probably extremely late about webisodes and its very creative way of getting the attention of the average person, but that has now become my new sources of entertainment. Recently I came across a webisode titled “First” a modern day love story that documents the trials and oh so recognizable stories of dating and relationships.

I am sure that are some other webisodes worth viewing as well. Let me know what you think should be my next stop.

-The Everyday Chronicles