The journey begins

June 2011, I graduated from Massachusetts School of Law. I took the bar exam and unfortunately did not pass. Naturally I was upset and defeated.  Instead of trying again I gave up and convinced myself I was fine with just having my law degree. The truth is that was a lie. I found myself deep down still wanting the opportunity to conquer and pass that exam. I have witnessed my friends and former classmates conquer this task some having to do it more than once. Now it is my turn to do the same. Now 3 years later I begin the journey again. Massachusetts bar exam 2015 here I come!



CMC Virtual Assistance is here

Several posts ago I mentioned my interest in setting up my on Virtual Assistant business that would provide office support to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and even busy professionals.

I finally published the site:

Check out my new business venture. If you know someone who would be interested let them know CM Virtual Assistance has arrived!!!!