Broaden my horizons

Yesterday one of my co-workers asked me if I wouldn’t mind taking a walk with her to pick up a few items at a supply store for one of our new hires. She was looking to create a welcome gift basket. I agreed to go(it was a nice summer day).

We found our way to The Bees Knees Supply store. From the outside In,thought “what is this?”, “what is she going to find here?” When we walked in I immediately spotted some honey jars. I instantly developed a confused look on my face as I wasn’t sure what my co-worker was trying to accomplish. As we walked further into the store I discovered they had some really interesting knick knacks and food options. Some of these products were locally made which was also a nice element.



Its amazing what you find when you open your eyes. Being exposed to new things can be a great experience. Let’s just say I will be back again.




CMC Virtual Assistance

CMC Virtual Assistance is my vision which has been in my head for some time. Over the last several months I have worked on developed  this vision, concept, “my baby” as some would call it.


CMC Virtual Assistance is a virtual assistant business geared towards providing social media maintenance to small businesses. As we all know social media has become a way of life any for a small business owner staying up to date with daily posts, video, pictures, etc can be very time consuming. This is where my business comes in!

I would be lying if I said I have been nervous and at times second guessed myself which translated in not actively promoting this business venture I have created, but this is a vision I have to share and bring to fruition.


I have always had a bit of a entrepreneurial bug. I started creating my own candles. Became a merchandiser for a online jewelry company and even took a stab at starting my own virtual assistant business. I am always thinking “in a perfect world what would my dream job be?” I definitely think it would be something in entertainment. After graduating from law school I wanted to pursue entertainment law while being in the fashion business on the side. A little ambitious I know lol.  So I pose the questions to my WordPress community…what is your dream job?



New obsession: Webisodes

I am sure I am probably extremely late about webisodes and its very creative way of getting the attention of the average person, but that has now become my new sources of entertainment. Recently I came across a webisode titled “First” a modern day love story that documents the trials and oh so recognizable stories of dating and relationships.

I am sure that are some other webisodes worth viewing as well. Let me know what you think should be my next stop.

-The Everyday Chronicles

Over the last few months I have been taking a stance in becoming more healthier. I signed back up to go to the gym and have become conscious in what I eat. Getting back into the gym I noticed the various “personalities”. There are the women who come to the gym to look cute with no intention of sweating, but to conversate with the other girl or girls they came with. You also have the men who only come in to lift weights and weights only. They also come into the gym with an assortment of gym bags, protein shacks , etc. I’m always fascinated by the dynamic. What creates these different “personalities”. For some going to the gym is truly an experience, a journey. For me, I just want to be healthy, sweat some and live a happy, healthy life.

The Everyday Chronicles