The journey begins

June 2011, I graduated from Massachusetts School of Law. I took the bar exam and unfortunately did not pass. Naturally I was upset and defeated.  Instead of trying again I gave up and convinced myself I was fine with just having my law degree. The truth is that was a lie. I found myself deep down still wanting the opportunity to conquer and pass that exam. I have witnessed my friends and former classmates conquer this task some having to do it more than once. Now it is my turn to do the same. Now 3 years later I begin the journey again. Massachusetts bar exam 2015 here I come!




CMC Virtual Assistance coming soon

I have been biten by the entrepreneur bug and in the works to start my own Virtual Assistant business. Right now I am looking to have this business venture on the side and see how it develops. I have come across several people lately who have just created their own businesses and are excited to get started on this journey. Of course I have been reading up on the requirements as well as the Virtual Assistant industry. I never like to feel underprepared for anything so research has been my focus.

There is so much thought that goes into starting your own business. My first task is completing my business plan. This plan is the blueprint to everything I do moving forward. Next is my website which I have already brought the domain name (Yay!) and working to develop. Business cards, brochures, flyers, everything related to marketing is another tasks I have to achieve and let us not forget the social media piece.

Starting my own VA business means becoming certified in this particular area of business. The International Virtual Assistants Association is the premier VA association for virtual assistants, and those looking for a VA.

I look forward to see where this new adventure goes. Stay tuned. Fall 2013!