The journey begins

June 2011, I graduated from Massachusetts School of Law. I took the bar exam and unfortunately did not pass. Naturally I was upset and defeated.  Instead of trying again I gave up and convinced myself I was fine with just having my law degree. The truth is that was a lie. I found myself deep down still wanting the opportunity to conquer and pass that exam. I have witnessed my friends and former classmates conquer this task some having to do it more than once. Now it is my turn to do the same. Now 3 years later I begin the journey again. Massachusetts bar exam 2015 here I come!



New obsession: Webisodes

I am sure I am probably extremely late about webisodes and its very creative way of getting the attention of the average person, but that has now become my new sources of entertainment. Recently I came across a webisode titled “First” a modern day love story that documents the trials and oh so recognizable stories of dating and relationships.

I am sure that are some other webisodes worth viewing as well. Let me know what you think should be my next stop.

-The Everyday Chronicles

Time to catch up

These last few weeks have been busy and fun filled with various activities and just every day life stories.


First, April 20 my mother and I were fortunate enoughto participate as volunteers for this year’s Boston Marathon!!! It was absolutely an amazing fun filled, and inspiring event.













This past weekend I attended the Next Generation Women of Color Summit for the Young Black Women’s Society (YBWS). YBWS is an organization I am apart of which focuses on the professional and personal development of young girls and women. Our summit is an annual event with a jam packed day of dynamic speakers, breakout sessions and wonderful inspiring women of color. I definitely found myself thinking about ways in which to better myself and how I can challenge myself moving forward. Basically how I can be a better me!









Over the last few months I have been taking a stance in becoming more healthier. I signed back up to go to the gym and have become conscious in what I eat. Getting back into the gym I noticed the various “personalities”. There are the women who come to the gym to look cute with no intention of sweating, but to conversate with the other girl or girls they came with. You also have the men who only come in to lift weights and weights only. They also come into the gym with an assortment of gym bags, protein shacks , etc. I’m always fascinated by the dynamic. What creates these different “personalities”. For some going to the gym is truly an experience, a journey. For me, I just want to be healthy, sweat some and live a happy, healthy life.

The Everyday Chronicles



New business adventure

I am all about building my brand. I have an interest in many things and want to be know for being apart of just more than one thing. Like most of my friends I have a day job. During the day I am an HR Assistant for an investment management firm, but outside of work I also have my own virtual assistant business called CMC Virtual Assistance catered to providing virtual office support to those in fashion and entertainment but I am now a merchandiser for Chloe & Isabel, a lifestyle brand which primarily sells beautiful jewelry. I decided to take on this new business venture because I always wanted to have something of my own plus I love jewelry. I am anxiously awaiting my starter kit. I will admit that I am somewhat nervous but that is all apart of the journey.

Take a look at my boutique 

…The Everyday Chronicles continues….

Fitness Challenge

Let me start off by saying I by no means have created a fitness challenge of my own. I have been in a pretty consistent routine over the last several weeks on a workout routine. Currently I work out about 3-4 days a week. I will be honest I am still working on eating completely clean but I am getting there.



Jillian Michael’s Extreme Shed & Shred has been my personal trainer of choice. There are two thirty minute workouts (level 1 &2) or do both levels at the same time. As for right now I have committed to alternating between Level 1 and Level 2 every other day (baby steps). Let’s just say these workouts are 30 mins of constant cardio, resistance and pain. Nonetheless I feel great.


I do enjoy having variety in the choices of my workout. Instagram is not only a good app for picture surfing but I came across a few fitness pages that peaked my interest. Rahman Grayson aka “Mr. Shut and Train” is a personal trainer based out in Atlanta who has definitely made a name for himself. His instagram page (@mrshutupandtrain provides workout tips, inspirational quotes,etc. Starting May 1st Mr. Shut Up and Train will start a free 30 day online challenge. You can check out his site here I am curious to see how this goes. Stay Tuned!