Broaden my horizons

Yesterday one of my co-workers asked me if I wouldn’t mind taking a walk with her to pick up a few items at a supply store for one of our new hires. She was looking to create a welcome gift basket. I agreed to go(it was a nice summer day).

We found our way to The Bees Knees Supply store. From the outside In,thought “what is this?”, “what is she going to find here?” When we walked in I immediately spotted some honey jars. I instantly developed a confused look on my face as I wasn’t sure what my co-worker was trying to accomplish. As we walked further into the store I discovered they had some really interesting knick knacks and food options. Some of these products were locally made which was also a nice element.



Its amazing what you find when you open your eyes. Being exposed to new things can be a great experience. Let’s just say I will be back again.




CMC Virtual Assistance

CMC Virtual Assistance is my vision which has been in my head for some time. Over the last several months I have worked on developed  this vision, concept, “my baby” as some would call it.


CMC Virtual Assistance is a virtual assistant business geared towards providing social media maintenance to small businesses. As we all know social media has become a way of life any for a small business owner staying up to date with daily posts, video, pictures, etc can be very time consuming. This is where my business comes in!

I would be lying if I said I have been nervous and at times second guessed myself which translated in not actively promoting this business venture I have created, but this is a vision I have to share and bring to fruition.


New business adventure

I am all about building my brand. I have an interest in many things and want to be know for being apart of just more than one thing. Like most of my friends I have a day job. During the day I am an HR Assistant for an investment management firm, but outside of work I also have my own virtual assistant business called CMC Virtual Assistance catered to providing virtual office support to those in fashion and entertainment but I am now a merchandiser for Chloe & Isabel, a lifestyle brand which primarily sells beautiful jewelry. I decided to take on this new business venture because I always wanted to have something of my own plus I love jewelry. I am anxiously awaiting my starter kit. I will admit that I am somewhat nervous but that is all apart of the journey.

Take a look at my boutique 

…The Everyday Chronicles continues….


CMC Virtual Assistance coming soon

I have been biten by the entrepreneur bug and in the works to start my own Virtual Assistant business. Right now I am looking to have this business venture on the side and see how it develops. I have come across several people lately who have just created their own businesses and are excited to get started on this journey. Of course I have been reading up on the requirements as well as the Virtual Assistant industry. I never like to feel underprepared for anything so research has been my focus.

There is so much thought that goes into starting your own business. My first task is completing my business plan. This plan is the blueprint to everything I do moving forward. Next is my website which I have already brought the domain name (Yay!) and working to develop. Business cards, brochures, flyers, everything related to marketing is another tasks I have to achieve and let us not forget the social media piece.

Starting my own VA business means becoming certified in this particular area of business. The International Virtual Assistants Association is the premier VA association for virtual assistants, and those looking for a VA.

I look forward to see where this new adventure goes. Stay tuned. Fall 2013!