For my Hip Hop heads

I’ll be honest and say that I am not the biggest hip hop head. I enjoy music. Period. Neo Soul is my favorite type of music but I do have moments where I am entertained by a good old fashioned battleground rap battle. Last week while listening to Hot 97 I heard that Joe Budden and Hollow the Don would be battling each other followed by Murda Mook vs. Loaded Lux, which are two prominent battle rappers in this type of music.

This past weekend I came across the show “The Road to Total Slaughter” a show on Fuse Tv showing the battleground rap battles leading to the culmination at the Total Slaughter. I find rap battles interesting because they convey so much passion for the art of words. Words matter in this area. Your words become your identity to those listening. The interaction between the ¬†opponents almost take on the feel of a boxing match. Of course there is mental preparation but there is also a physical preparation component as well. The dedication of these artists must be respected.

Check out this episode of “Brighter Lights” Rap battle. Thanks Fuse TV!!





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