Blogger inspiration

I have been on and off for sometime with blogging. Keeping up with fresh content on a daily basis can be a tough process. I think I am on a good roll right now with #theeverydaychronicles. I hope this blog can gain a following and provide a level of relate ability that can reach people throughout the world. I am always looking for ways to be inspired to write and connect and I have found a few bloggers to provide some bogging inspiration.


Demetria Lucas


This NY based author, reality star and life coach has been the foundation for me in how to connect and format from a blogging standpoint. A belle in Brooklyn has been a site that began more as a dating/ everyday life blog and has now turned into a mind of its own. I greatly appreciate the transformation into the brand that it has become today.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 11.55.55 AM



Joi Marie & Tiffany Probasco – The FabEmpire


I have been following The Fab Empire  blog for some time now and have been able to attend some great events as a result of it. The Fab empire covers the DC, Baltimore, NYC and Boston metropolitan area for social and community events catered to the young black professional.  This is a site that I enjoy because the Editor in chief Joi Marie is a woman that has made a point to cater to people like myself. Not only does she have a day job as a news producer for ABC but she has capitalized on a vision that has grown and continues to grow for a niche group. I am always interested in seeing women create a vision and see it through.


I have been fortunate enough to meet Tiffany in person several times at a few social  and community events. I have admired her approach to blogging and staying connected. Overall their following is impressive and continues to keep me motivated in the blogging space.


Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 12.07.50 PM








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