It’s all about perception

Over the last couple of weeks the word perception has been floating through my world. I recently came to the realization that my perception played a part in my frustrations in life.  I found myself experiencing serious frustrations with my current job. The crazy thing is I started this job several months ago after working as a temporary employee and praying to become a permanent employee with this same company. Strange I know. I also realized it was that same perception that created frustrations in my very own relationship. Time out! What was really going on. By nature I am a thinker and now it was time to think.20140413_161702

I recently watched one of TD Jakes sermons on youtube and came across one of his more recent sermons on INSTINCT. After watching this sermon I realized that my perceptions needed to be changed. My perception was misguided thereby affecting my mindset and leading into frustrations that were unnecessary. A new day has become and thereby I have adopted a new mindset. I am rejuvenated.


-The Everyday chronicles


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