Thats what you call a relationship

Mar 11: I’m not the biggest fan of The Bachelor but Monday night I was flicking through channels and stumbled upon the “The Final Rose” episode of the Bachelor.

For those not familar with the Bachelor one man or women is chosen to be the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. A certain number of men or women come on to the show to vie for the affection of either the Bachelor of Bachelorette. Each week the Bachelor or Bachelorette give out a rose to the men or women they like until they get down to the final rose. Got it? Ok good.

This season’s bachelor was Juan Pabolo. Normally during these final rose episodes the couples profess their love and discuss finally having the chance to live their lives together and most importantly they are engaged and on their way to planning their wedding.

The show bring out the girl not chosen in the final rose ceremony and immediately I could feel the uneasiness. I zoned in and out but heard phrases such as “freaking out”, “offensive remarks” and of course ” he was not the man I thought he was,” I thought to myself maybe I need to pay attention and see what this is all about.

Next they bring out the woman Juan Pabolo chose. She is bubbling and full of life. The host of the show ask the particular questions and then gets into the topic of love . ” Has he said I love you?” I was confused obviously because I haven’t been following the season. I then hear a very pivotal piece of information. Juan Panlo didnt propose! The one thing that every girl looks for at the end of the season and in real life. Now this really got interesting.

The host then brought out juan Pablo. The host seemed very confused as well as the studio audience as to the nature of juan pablos new relationship since he didn’t propose. For Juan Pabolo it was about starting this relationship from this point on. Basically, date. Not plan a wedding , but take things slow and one day at the time. Huh? What happened to the blushing, saying when they would get married, determining whether ABC would televise the big day? None of that took place. Instead Juan Pablo demonstrated what most realistic relationships look like these days. I respect him for staying true to what he felt was right. How often do you see couples getting married after 3-4 months these days? Most relationships go a few years then a possible talk about “the next steps.” Juan Pablo mentioned several times he feels The girl chosen is a fabolus girl who he wants to start really having a relationship with. To me that was a real response. How often does the media question couples who come together on these dating shows to determine whether their relationship is really aithentic? Well Juan Pablo determined true authenticity to me.



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