So I’m Single now?

Last night I attended a great fundraising event for an organization I am apart of called The Young Black Women’s Society (great organization!). After all the mixing, mingling and networking  I found myself in the midst of a conversation with a few of the members of the organization and some other attendees. As I walk out of the building I hear one of the women ( we will call her “A”) belt out  “Why I ain’t got no man”  laughter began to follow amongst the ladies. I admittedly laughed myself mainly because of the manner in which she made the statement. I instantly I thought “this is gonna be interesting.” As I stood there listening to the inner working of this conversation I heard A talk about how  she could match her friends up but yet she is still single? This quickly became a very entertaining conversation. Good old fashion girl talk. As the conversation continued   A proceeded to mentioned how she could find each of us a man. I quickly interjected with “I have a boyfriend” Her response “girl you single…i don’t see no ring on that finger” ummm so having a boyfriend means I am single?!

This is not the first time I heard such a reference. For some the idea of being in a committed relationship means nothing until you get married. Why is that? Why can’t pure respect be had for someone with a boyfriend or a girlfriend? What happens when one cheats in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship? Does the cheating not matter since they are not married? Call me old fashion because to me one should consider their relationship as more than “nothing” even if they have not walked down the aisle to say “I do.”

What are your thoughts? Does a relationship not equate to anything until you are married?


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