Me, Myself, and I

We have all heard the phrase “Me, myself, and I” . There are moments where all I want to be surrounded by is exactly that. Yesterday was one of those days. On a typical Saturday I am out and about normally with my mom and sister. Shopping of course is somewhere involved in the mix, a little food, a little more shopping, just a good ole’ fashion girls days. Once in awhile I want to take part in all those activities, just by myself. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way.

Enjoy yourself is something I suggest everyone try. Go to the movie by yourself, take yourself out to dinner, shop by yourself. Try doing anything BY YOURSELF! My friends of course believe I am crazy because to them going out by yourself is weird, unheard of, you just do not do it. I am already thinking about my 30th B- day and considering taking a trip by myself.

Why is the idea of doing anything by yourself at times looked down upon. Why do we get the “Are you serious?” response. I believe it is time to stand out and go against the grain. What is the worst that can happen? you may find out how fun you really are.

– The Everyday Chronicles 🙂


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