Yay to her!

The Everyday Chronicles is back…..

Hello World. Seems like I have been on a hiatus to keep it simple. Ladies and Gents this thing called life is an interesting journey. New job, new mindset. JT (“the boo”) is still present in my life (2 years and counting) My focus of late is to truly enjoy life. It seems like 2014 will be a major turning point in my life.

Last night I attended a great event sponsored by the Boston Naturals Meet up group, WWMI Events and Social Social Events. The guest of honor was Demetria Lucas, author, life coach, blogger of my oh so favorite blog A Belle in Brooklyn (love the book too), and apart of Bravo’s reality show Blood Heat and Heels. The night consisted of a Q&A, pictures and  meet and greet. Listening to Demetria talk about her life both personally and professionally was very refreshing. I could tell she connected with a lot of women in the room. She is beautiful, well – spoken and well – educated. The night overall gave me life and reenergized me to get back into doing what I enjoy doing…writing.

Several questions asked by the audience consisted of advice on how to be successful in business from corporate to building their own blog. Everyone seem to look for that one answer that would solve their own personal journey to success. Demetria gave great responses to all the questions, but I especially loved her response to one particular question by mentioning that it is about endurance. She admittedly stated she may not be the best writer, but she is the hardest working writer. I respect and appreciate that response.


Today I say thank you Demetria !



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