Naturally me

IMG_2226This past week I started a new job in the downtown area of the financial district. Although I was extremely excited the idea of being natural and working for a very well know financial services company came to mind. Prior to this new role I worked for another financial services company on a temporary assignment and the thought of being natural and working for a very corporate company came to pass too. Of course I quickly let go of those thoughts, but I still wonder at times what people think about the natural hair phenomenon and working in corporate America.


I have been apart of general discussion where there are some who feel the idea of wearing your hair natural and working in a corporate environment should not be done. For them, its about making sure you fit the office culture. There is no place for the twist out, bantu knots, or dare I say a ‘fro.

On the other hand there are those who say why do I have to change who I am. Why do I have to downplay the fact that I have made a decision to wear my hair in such a way that truly demonstrates who I really am. Accept me for who I am or this may not be the place for me.


For me I will admit that I did think twice about making sure my hair did not look to “ethnic” . I did not want my twist out to look too crazy. I quickly stopped myself and realized there was a reason I made this choice to wear my hair naturally. I have to be completely comfortable with myself.

On my first day at my new job I walked into the elevator with a man that just happened to have dreads (down his back too) I immediately began smiling on the inside. It was something about being in the presence of another person wearing their hair naturally that just made me love myself even more.

This natural hair journey is truly that…a journey


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