The power behind the word

black-notebook-with-pencil-1176000-mOver the years I have kept a journal at various points in my life. When I graduated from Highschool, during college, after my first love, or just because I felt like writing. Recently I have had this same urge to write again. Oprah Winfrey has mentioned various times during her own show that writing is very therapeutic. Apple even has several apps designated to the writers of the world.

The beauty behind writing for me is the ability to be 100 % honest with myself. The journal isn’t going to talk back or judge you. It’s just there. No if ands or buts about it. I can pour out all my thoughts and be completely fine with it. The best part is going back months later and looking back on your thoughts at that time. This especially becomes entertaining when you can look back on how dramatic you were about a past relationship (i know the female followers will relate to me on this point) You can also see your own personal progression in life as your thought process goes through changes and actually say to yourself “I’m growing up”

Even as I write this post I feel liberated and enjoy the chance to share with you all my thoughts, ideas and questions. For us bloggers out here there is definitely a sense of liberation and personal satisfaction with each post written.

For all the writers in the world how do you feel when it comes to writing? I would love to know what you think?

                                -The Everyday Chronicles continue…..







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