Sometimes Cheaper is better


I am not a HUGE make up conusier, but I do have a decent size make up stash with my staple products. MAC has typically been the foundation option of choice. I do not like to look as if I dipped my face in a bucket of paint (although some women prefer that look). I generally prefer a more natual, somewhat of a “dewy glow” look.

Yesterday I decided to try a new makeup brand from my local drugstore (CVS). In the past I have seen tv segments comparing the higher end brands which higher end prices to the less expensive alternative at the local drugstore. So I decided to try it myself. I went with Maybelline’s FIT me brand (#340) as well as Maybelline’s skin smoothing powder. The results……very good! I was pleasantly surprised.

I know its best to pay more for “good things” but in this case I think I got a steal. Yay me!

                                            -The Everyday Chronicles continues……


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