A Step in the right direction

conference-room-with-tv-1419673-mAs I am walking downtown to work this past week I noticed a financial company in the midst of a meeting (the meeting is on the first floor with glass windows very easy to see inside). As I pass by I noticed very quickly the disporportion in numbers of men vs. women. I wasn’t all that surprised since I work in the financial district and the majority of people you will see in this area are men. Despite this I was still puzzled by the fact that out of a room of approximately twenty five people 6 were women and out of that number 1 was an African American women.

At that point I started thinking about Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In” and felt proud to see women “leaning in” granted the numbers are still disporportionate and the work to be done for equality in the workplace between men and women is still so ever present, but getting a chance to see women sitting at the main table was a small victory which in turn gave me a little pep in my own step as I continued working to work this morning.

-The Everyday Chronicles continues………


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