I’m going to be a God Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Happy Joy JoySeveral months ago I found out my best friend would be having a baby. Since she told me it has taken awhile for me to get used to the fact that we are at the age where babies and weddings are of the norm. As time passes the next big prject (outside of the birth) will be her baby shower. My future god child will have two godmothers and it has been such a beautiful process thus far. To see my friend get ready for such a life changing event always brings tears to my eyes.

Now that the baby shower is on the way…TIME TO PLAN!! My other friend and I (the other godmother) are in full baby shower planning mode. It almost feels like we are getting ready for a board meeting. I am quickly starting to see how expensive a baby can be. Despite that I am excited thinking about what my future godchild will grow up and become.

Invitations have become the first order of business…few samples below

BSsample_5babyshower invitation sample_1


Next of course will be the cake,favors, decorations, food, games, thank you cards,gifts, etc…..

To all the godmother’s out the I would love to know what you have done and what it’s like to be a godmother. I am looking forward to it.

                                                         -The Everyday Chronicles continues….


2 thoughts on “I’m going to be a God Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I like the purple one!

    I believe being a god parent is about reminding the parents of the vow they made before God.

    Its about being there for the child. Especially when they need it most. Its also about providing a home away from home and being a support structure especially in the early days…

    I could go on n on… its such a privelege

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