Justice System or just a system?

Now it is time to truly take an interest in our community and be more aware and willing to protect our children. With all the opinions and emotions that have surfaced and continue to surface in the days to come it is important that we keep this spirit up long after this time has passed. As someone who went to law school you are told to focus on the evidence. It is not about what you think or feel but what are the facts. The media is a powerful tool that definitely shaped the views, ideas, and opinions of this case. No one truly knows what happened that night February 26, except Trayvon and George Zimmerman. On this day let us know that there have been many Trayvons in this world and if significant interest doesn’t develop there will be more Trayvons in the future. Marissa Alexander and Jordan Davis are just a few examples of what this world has shaped into being. Time to pay attention.

The laws which shape our justice system need to be strongly evaluated and discussed. Thoughts and prayers are sent and felt to the Martin Family. Amen

-The Everyday Chronicles continue


It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.   — Voltaire

Watching & listening to news coverage, still in disbelief. Shocked & greatly disappointed but not surprised. This was a case of the people, 2.2mil people signed the petition at Change.org, millions shared FB posts, tweeted & retweeted, blogged, gathered, marched & screamed out the echoes of injustice.

The people did not allow Trayvon to die in vain. Yet it still took 46 days to arrest an armed man for killing an unarmed child. 46 DAYS.

An arrest we thought meant justice, accountability for Trayvon’s death, a message for the senseless crimes against the unarmed, the racially profiled, a category that includes countless black men.

To hear the jury consisted solely of women seemed to imply a certain obvious fate, a feeling there would undoubtedly be justice THIS TIME.


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