What happened to the days of having a conversation with someone if you didn’t like something they said or did? Recently, matter of fact over the last several months I have noticed that Twitter (that’s right) has become the platform by which people decide to create drama, argue and even apologize to one another. This method of choice is most commonly used by celebrities. The most recent offender, Justin Bieber. If you haven’t heard already Justin decides to squirt water at a picture of former President Bill Clinton while out with his entourage. Of course such behavior sparked attention and Justin immediately got in contact with the former President to explain his actions. After all was settled Bieber then decided it would be most appropriate to still apologize on Twitter..umm why?

For all those into the social media world (which of course includes myself) Twitter is definitely a tool that can promote positive energy. The average person is allowed a glimpse into over people’s lives through their thoughts, pictures and video. Celebrities definitely take advantage of this feature as their fans definitely feel connected. With all that said why can’t Twitter be used for its intended purpose and not the meeting place for social fighting. How many times have we heard the words “twitter war” or “twitter beef.” I know I’m too old to tweet my aggressions toward another person. Here’s a thought how about not saying anything at all.

                                                                            -The Everyday Chronicles continue…..


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