The power of the “i”

iphone-106351_640Since starting my new job downtown I have seen a drastic increase in the use of smartphones, particularly the iPhone. What is it about the good ole iPhone that has people glued to screen at all times. I have witness people walking on the sidewalk during the hustle and bustle of the morning commute ready to sacrifice life and limb just so they do not miss a notification on their phone. Is it the availability of the apps, the picture quality, or the flexibility to change phone cases at a moments notice.

I can see why parents, school officials and even employers are concerned with the lack of communication amongst us humans. With abbreviations such as “lol, “smh”, and hashtags on twitter the phone has become the standard by which we live. Even I myself have been subject to this curse and recently looked into minimizing my use of the phone. The phrase “less is more comes to mind.” Just the other day as I was leaving from work I witnessed the entire bus stop lined with people all using their iPhone. Head down, headphones in (the white ones) and one swipe of the finger.

I am sure I am not the only one who notices. The power of the “i” is simply powerful.

-The Everyday Chronicles


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