New Direction

What happens when the direction you thought you wanted to go turns out to be a road you no longer want to travel. Instead, you want something different, something completely out of the ordinary.

For me, I have began to get this same feeling. For years I have focused on the corporate, business route. My education ha out me in a position where I am concerned about suits, fancy blouses and tailored shoes. I have started to become bored to put it plainly. For some people its about having financial security, sitting in the corner office an weekly business trips. I will admit that was me at one point. Don’t get me wrong I took want to be comfortable economically, but what’s wrong with following your TRUE PASSION. What’s wrong with doing something that you love everyday. To be free in all aspects of life. Just writing that makes me so happy.

I have always had an interest in fashion. Whether working for a business or being a stylist. I have even considered applying for retail positions just to gain the experience and learn from the bottom up. Some may think this is crazy, but to be able to do something I love everyday has been a goal of mine to achieve. How many of us wake up miserable about going to work. I have read stories and witnessed friends first had who have left those comfy and stable positions to do something they truly love to do. They are not only happy emotionally, but physically you can definitely see a difference.

Time to truly follow my passion. It’s about being at complete peace and happiness with myself and that is exactly what I plan to do.

-Stay tuned


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