LIfe Lessons

For the last several months my job has been to find a job. Job hunting, sourcing, looking,etc is truly a full time job. It’s funny how over time your expectations change, or maybe it’s just me. Intially I was very focused on looking for a full time permanent benefit eligible position. Now three months later I am almost willing to accept any job…almost. I have taken more of any interest to temp roles. In the recent weeks I have been asked about whether I would accept a role for as little as 6 weeks to 6 months. My boyfriend was actually the one who opened my eyes to this new path as he clearly stated “At the end of the day it’s about gaining the most experience”. Several contract roles could potentially equate to a full time position.

Now my focus has changed, and I have broaden my horizons and as a result my interest has definitely come my way with very prominent companies. Maybe this is the path my career will take. In today’s market a job is better than no job.

My “job” has taught me some life lessons along the way and I have been a source of guidance for my friends around me. Like my mother tells me “In everything give thanks”, no matter what it is , good, bad, or in between. I have also learned that money may not be everything but it definitely is something. Despite this I have learned to enjoy life with little. I actually do not need a lot to survive.

These life lessons are truly valuable and I am sure more lessons are on the way.


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