Girls and sports


I am a woman that enjoys fashion, shopping, mani and pedis and anything associated with being a female BUT despite these things I am a huge sports fan.

When I say a fan I do not just watch the game I am into the game to the point of telling the rest if my family that they can not talk to me until the game is over. Basketball is my first love followed by Football as a close second. Let me be clear, when I talk sports I talk about the plays. From the form in the jump shot to predicting what the ensuing inbound play will be. When I watch football I understand the yardage, blitzes, pass or a running play.

I am always amazed at the reaction I get from other men when I not only understand what they are saying, but I can actually carry on a full conversation. Because I am a female should I not know what a touchdown means? Should I be mire concerned about Mercedes Benz Fashion Week?

ESPN has hired female sportscasters in its recent years. With the WNBA and women’s semi professional football teams we women are heavily involved.

So next time you see a female heavily into sports, don’t be surprised its 2013!


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