Let’s take a look

Today my Saturday adventures consisted of the usual outdoor adventures. Shopping, enjoying the outdoors, loving life. Today was also a day to read up on my latest issue of my Cosmo magazine. Came across some interesting photos and articles.

IMG_0792 IMG_0793

Apparently “Mustard Chic” is the new color of the season. I would have to agree. I will definitely be on the look out for the fashion pieces in this color.



Came across an article on the best swimsuits for every body type. Based on those categories I would consider myself “Dangerously Curvy”





I’m sure we all have stories or currently on the “crazy” journey of establishing our careers. This article was definitely relatable.




I am focused on expanding my wardrobe a little and definitely like the “South Pacific” look.





To all my naturalistas in the world these two women are created there own all-natural line of hair care line for black women. They later went on the create a non-profit called Brillant and Beautiful Foundation for young girls interested in the science. Good Job ladies!


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