Spring Time!!!

I think we are in the clear and I believe it’s time to enjoy this weather. For us in New England we are know to have a few “surprises” and by surprises I mean SNOW! For me Spring time is a time to put away winter jackets, bring out the lighter clothes and just enjoy the weather. As a native Bostonian the real official start of Spring truly begins with Red Sox Opening Day.


Opening Day means times for baseball season, the city is one step closer to summer. Although I am not a huge baseball fan I do enjoy all that encompasses sunny weather, people and did I mention the sun. I have made a few appearances in the past to opening day and the vibe is one that for anyone going for the first time is memorable. There are families with their young kids enjoying hot dogs and lemonade. Young couples with matching T’s, and  of course grandparents reminiscing over stories about former Red sox players.


This is me last year at the Boston Marathon…another unofficial holiday for us Bostonians. The Marathon is another Spring time event where thousands of people pack the Back bay area and cheer on racers, family, and friends. I of course enjoy the freebies.

As this season begins I look forward to enjoy all that Spring has to offer.


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