Taking a walk

Prudential building

    Prudential building



Today was a beautiful day. Just like any Saturday you want to be out and about. My mom and I have this thing where we always walk around downtown on the weekends. Of course when you add shopping to the agenda the journey becomes even much better. Today we decided to just walk around only. Enjoy the sites and sounds of Boston. I was born and raised in Boston and have always know Boston to be a city very good for tourism. This is especially evident during the Summer. As much as I walk around downtown, Newbury Street, Fanuiel Hall areas I have never really taken the time to see what hidden treasures my city has to offer.



We first came arcoss this nice brownstone neighborhood in the back bay area that had a basketball court, tennis court, and a cute little dog park. The area was so pretty and definitely encompass spring in the air. We did so much walking around we lost track of time.

IMG_0710 IMG_0712 IMG_0713


Yes to Nordstrom Rack on Boylston Street!!!!







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