20 Affirmations

Incorporating affirmations may seem juvenile for some people but when you commit to believing those words the effect is very powerful. Right now at this stage in my life I have been unemployed for the last two and a half months. Initially I thought saying such things weren’t specials. I thought to myself “What is this really doing for me”. One day when I was extremely frustrated with applying to jobs and no call backs I got up and went to my mirror and started speaking to myself OUT LOUD that I am smart, a warrior and powerful, that I WILL be successful. Once I made just a few of those affirmations out loud I began to have a new outlook on life. I encourage anyone to adapt this mantra as speaking affirmations upon your life helps a person more ways than expected. It is a way to be an example for another person who may be going through something similar. Declare affirmations today


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