Music to my ears

A few days me and my boyfriend (we will call him J) went to see his brother perform his last recital before his graduation from college. I had been eager to see him play since J always talked about how talented his brother is. We got there a little late (I hate being late by the way) but I felt we didn’t miss too much. I immediately spotted J’s brother and was impressed by not only the musical selection but the passion in which he played. The music was definitely on a smooth jazz vibe (which I love) so I was in tune from the moment I sat down. I always find it intriguing to see who those playing an instrument physical get into the music. This is primarily shown in their facial expressions. One minute they looked surprised, the next angry, then as if they could shed a tear. Some may find this weird, to me this is beautiful because there is a clear connection between that person and the music. To see the people in the audience also sharing in that same level of music connection is priceless







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