I’m a little too old for this

This past weekend my brother and I went to a party( yes I know its somewhat unheard of but it happened) Initially I wasn’t too excited about going but my brother offered to pay so I said “why not.” 

My boyfriend also told me about the party since his fraternity as well as some other BGLO (black greek letter organizations) were also apart of sponsoring the event. He did mention that it may be somewhat of an undergrad party, but then again he wasn’t sure…hmmmmmm(I should have followed up with some more questions at this point)


Once we got to the party I immediately knew this was a college party. At this point I couldn’t turn back so I had to make the most of it. These girls were wearing next to nothing which to me was a key indication of the age group I was dealing with. You can definitely tell a girl who is in the college mode and a woman who dresses with some sophistication. Let’s just say the style choices were interesting.


Next up, the fellas. These youngins were dressed in Jordan,button up shirts and/or plain T-shirts…um what happened to nicely pressed pants, an ironed shirt, shoes what happend to that…sigh

Then of course the dancing. I witnessed what looked like dry humping up against the walls. I almost had half the mind to say “Does youre mother know you’re doing that?” Granted I am not that much older (27 to be exact) but I was still shocked and appalled at the “dancing” taking place.

All in all this party was a chance to get out and get some fresh air. Sometimes you have to get out and put on some heels. I was also able to do some people watching (don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about), but that will be the first and the last time for that type of party.



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