Its that time of year again


For those who are not in tune with their inner sports feeling, this time of year is Christmas for some and like winning the lottery for others. Its MARCH MADNESS. Brackets, Brackets, and more Brackets. For me this will be the time where I am glued to the tv watching games and checking scores. This will also be the time where I am be strategic in my choices. UNC (The University of North Carolina) is my team and I love them to pieces but I also know March Madness is know for upsets. Do I go with the team I love or think differently and pick a team not expected like VCU who went as far as the final four a few years ago (destroyed brackets) or what about Butler who made it to the championship game a few years ago too (also destroyed brackets) Then of course you have the expected teams. These are the teams that are destined to win, like…Duke (uugghh…don’t like them AT ALL), Kansas, Ohio State,etc.


Decisions, decisions, decisions..whats a girl to do? which brings me to my next point of emphasis. There are plenty of women interested in sports too. Men make me laugh when they are surprised by a women who can articulate the inner workings of the game of basketball or any other sport for that matter. I know I can chat it up with the best of them on which teams are projected to make it far, that Ryan Kelly of Duke could have an amazing 30+ point game from the three-point line or an 8th ranked team could pull an upset. I am just as passionate as the next man about the game. “SHOUT IT” “WHY DID HE JUST SHOT THAT”, “DRIVE THE BALL” will be just a few of the words coming out of my mouth. At the end of the day I am a person in love with sports, passionate to say the least. So, while everyone gets ready to pick teams, rearrange schedules to watch their favorite team play and scream from jubilation or stress, I say “LETS GET READY FOR MARCH MADNESS”



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