Keyshia Cole Reacts To Beyonce’s Bow Down

Once again celebrities and their twitter account..first Keyisha made her feelings known towards Michelle and now Beyonce. She is definitely going to be in the spotlight now. If her goal was to get a “buzz” this will definitely do the trick. No “bow down” for Keyisha I guess. Me personally, I liked the song. I forget sometimes that we are in a literal world and people take EVERYTHING said to heart. Is it possible there may be a different reason behind the song? Just a thought I guess

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This weekend, King Baddie Bey threw jabs at her critics and R&B/Pop counterparts when she spit the cocky lyrics, “I know when you were little girls, you dreamt of being in my world, don’t forget it , don’t forget it, Respect that, bow down b-tches” on her new buzz single. As expected, the reaction to the song sparked various reactions from fans who loved it, to others who wondered what happened to the Beyonce who was promoting female empowerment during her last album.

One singer, who definitely wasn’t about to hold her tongue when it came to her thoughts on the record, was Keyshia Cole. She took to her Twitter today to dish her thoughts about the newly released track while also asking why was it a problem when she spoke her mind, but it’s okay for another singer to tell ‘b-tches to bow.’

Can’t stand when people all self…

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