Follow your passion

For several months I have been trying to find my true passion. What was I put on this earth to do. Last night I added a fundraising event for Dress for Success and the Y.E.S (Young Executives for Success) group. As a new member of this group it was very important that I attend and enjoy the cause. Dress for Success is an organization which focuses on helping women who have come from unfortunate circumstances to find jobs and receive career training. During the event I met a jewelry Designer by the name of Katie Bartels ( who is also a member of the Y.E.S group in New York City.


After speaking with her for a few minutes I asked her who she started jewelry. She explained to me that she has always enjoyed jewelry since she was young. She had been making jewelry for the last five years and full time for the last year and a half. After working at a law firm and being apart of “Corporate America” she decided to quit her job and follow her passion. Instantly I was inspired.

Another friend of mine had also quit her job to follow her passion of event planning Your Desired Dream-Events And More . She seems so excited and happy about the choice she made. She currently has a couple of events in the works and I just realized I would be attending one of her events in the nearby future. Once again I was inspired to really think about my own passions and making them a reality.

For me I have always been passionate about being in a position where I can help people. To be a mentor and advocate for those in need of direction. That was one of the reason I initially became interested in attaining my law degree. Even though I may not be in a courtroom I can still advocate for people which is why I have pursued working in the real estate field. Some of you may not think real estate as a true “passion” but for me it is. Yes, there is a business side to it as you have to make deals and exchange paper work but I also see this field as one which will give me the chance to interact and meet people, help them through a process that can be stressful but rewarding all at the same time. I have the flexibility in making my own schedule (with structure of course) while trully doing what I love to do. Although I am in the beginning stages I am motivated by my vision to be all that I can be. Who knows you may see me on HGTV helping people buy and sell houses, while selling candles on the side (be on the look out for Joy of Soy Candles).

At the end of the day its about enjoying the life you have and doing something you love


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