Time for a side hustle

I have decided that a side hustle is what I need. They say your side hustle should be something you love to do. Of course I began to think, and think, and think again. Finally it came to me! candles!! yes I said it. I am going to make candles. 

One of my first entries was the beginning interest in making candles. After a few months and several candles later I have decided to build my brand and start making candles. I have even come up with a name for my business…JOY of SOY. I will be making all natural scented soy candles. Instead of the typically glass container jars, I will make these candles in metal tin containers WITH A COVER (very important). Still in the planning stages on the various scents, but I will definitely have clean linen, vanilla, and apple cinnamon (any other suggestions are very much welcomed) Just thinking about this makes me smile. In an age where finding a job is like finding a needle in a haystack for some going into business for yourself is becoming the new way of life. Who knows, this time next year I could be the soy candle making guru. The journey begins



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