Follow your voice

A woman’s intuition is a powerful thing. For the female bloggers out there we all know this to be true. Over the past few weeks this statement has definitely come to fruition. I recently started working at a real estate company as an assistant while preparing to take my real estate license in the next few weeks. Working in real estate is of course a commission based position that is based off of the work you put into it. When I mentioned this new venture to my friends I did not receive that welcoming congratulatory feeling I thought would occur. Instead I heard “Oh that’s nice” and “real estate ain’t no joke are you sure this is what you want” umm helllooooooo I would not have applied if that was not the job I wanted. I understood the hesitation but deep down I knew this was a job I would be able to handle. So far so good. 

Really listening to that inner voice or as Oprah Winfrey would called the “whispers” really makes life that much easier. Let’s be honest how many times have we got that gut feeling but chose to ignore it only to be disappointed because we did not follow our original feeling. Making a conscientious effort to follow my instinct has really helped me with maintaining better relationships with my family, friends and of course my own relationship.

So next time you get into a situation follow that little voice


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