Fitness Challenge

My health is very important. I will be one to admit that I have gone on the yo-yo effect of being very focused with getting healthier and exercising more. One minute I am working out 4-5 days a week the next its going 3-4 weeks with no exercise in sight. When I do workout I am a person who has to sweat in order to feel like I am doing something to my body. My shirt needs to be soaked and my muscles sore. I also need variety. After awhile I find myself getting bored.

The other component to this healthier journey is of course the food I eat. I am someone who likes to eat. I would consider myself to be a “healthy” girl. I don’t consider myself overweight but I am definitely not a size two. Portion control will be my new favorite word.


Once and for all I have committed myself to exercise and eat well on a consistent basis.



Insanity is exactly that…INSANITY!!!!



jillian michaels


Although not as insane as Insanity this Jillian Michael’s workout is 20 minutes of nonstop movement with cardio, strength and ab exercises. Twenty minutes may not seem like much, but you definitely sweat.

before I know it the summer time will be here and I need to keep everything tight and right. Along the way I will set small goals for myself (mainly drastically cut back on the fast food..lord give me strength). So far over the last few weeks I have seem some changes and my clothes feel different. A healthier living is on the way.


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