The end is near…or is it

This title may have you thinking something else, but the end I am referring to is my twenties. Yes the age range from 20-29 where you feel your life is possibly the best (for some). I became inspired to write this entry after watching a recent episode of The Steve Harvey Show. At the beginning of every show Steve Harvey has a segment called “Ask Steve” where audience members  ask any and every question they can possibly think of (sometimes more crazier than others). A young women asked Steve a question about what to do for a bucket list she created. Steve of course was confused “whatchu need a bucket list for”, “Thats when you die.” The young woman wanted this bucket list to say bye to her 20s as she was approaching 30. In response to her rationale Steve Harvey says “you’ve probably already done what you wanted to do” . From dating the wrong person to changing your career several times. I then began to think about my 20s thus far. “Have I done everything I wanted to do” At 27 I am definitely nearing the “30” road. What else can I do? travel to a foreign country? this question has been in the forefront of my mind now. I am all set in the relationship department I seem to be getting things finalized in the career department so what more is required to say “I have done all I needed to do in my twenties’


For some, primarily the female group leaving our twenties is a death for them. Its as if they can no longer live or enjoy life like they did in their twenties. By no means do I condone living wild, spending money without reason, dating any and everybody because as we all know “the older you get the wiser you get” (or so its expected). At the end of the day its about enjoying life. Take the lessons, mistakes and memories we have acquired over time and appreciate them as they are. We are only entitled to one life so why not enjoy all of it. That’s what I plan on doing.


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