I Do….

Last night I had the typical girl conversation with a friend of mine. We covered the usual topics..life, friends, past memories, present lives, and of course our relationships. Once we got to our relationships it was time to get down to business. She of course got to the core of the matter…her future proposal, notice I said FUTURE which means it hasnt happened, but if you heard our conversation you probably would have thought she already got the ring. An hour and a half later we locked down a location, wedding songs, dress type, and possible bridesmaids as well as theme colors. Amazing!

What is it with us women where we get so caught up in the wedding process. I have to give credit to the Mister in my life as he so eloquently stated that us women fall in love with the process and not the person hence the divorce later on down the road. I ahve to say I somewhat agree. There are countless wedding shows where the woman has decided since young how her wedding will be, down to the last detail. For me, I have to admit I have had the “what would my wedding be like” moment or “who would be in my wedding” thought. Maybe women were bread to take on that mindset. Can we really see the groom picking colors, linens and the like…go ahead I’ll wait


Maybe its better to be prepared…I always believe we you are ready you never have to get ready so for us women whats wrong with being ready for the big day? I’m sure someone has a thought


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