Keepin’ up with the Joneses

ImageLast night I attended a great networking/volunteer event for an organization I am apart of. This is an organization focuses on helping women get back into the work force by providing them with a new wardrobe, interviewing and career skills.

As a new member myself I am very interested in getting to know the other new members as well as those who have been apart of the organization for some time. As apart of our first networking event for the new year all members were invited to meet at a very nice restaurant  downtown by the water. Once I saw the location I could already tell this was a very upscale restaurant and the prices would match. After checking for the address I then took a peek at the menu (I know I’m not the only one that does this) and as I suspected the average cost of a meal was $25 and up…*clear throat*. Appetizers ranged from $12-$20…*clears throat again*. As someone who is in between jobs these prices appeared out of my league. Do I still “fit in” and plan to spend money or be true to myself and attend the event because I am focused solely on getting to know the new members and the organization?


As I travel down to the restaurant I still waver back and forth. As I walk into the restaurant the vibe is amazing the place is PACKED! I walk over to the lounge area, shack hands with members, begin networking and then I hear “Do you want the menu?” At this point my mind freezes but I quickly decide to check the menu. At that point I realize “Just be yourself” I decided to close the menu and politely ask the waitress “Can I have a water with lemon” sigh of relief

Then the next hurdle..”So what do you do for work” once again my brain goes into a mini panic mode. Do I make up an excuse or be honest. “I’m in between my job is to find a job” this became my signature response for the night. This of course produced laughter and the rest of the night was a piece of cake.

I realized that I do not have to waver or try to change. Its ok to be true to yourself. 


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