Since we last spoke

Hello WordPress!! Its been awhile since I last came to you. I’ve started a new job, thinking of ways to build my own personal brand (everyone should have a brand) and just enjoying life. Snow has officially arrived (urrghh) stay tuned for new posts





As we all know Barack Obama has been re-elected. This has been a very long campaign. I almost feel like I have been on the trail myself. I am very eager to see how this country will go in the next four years. As a young African American female I am personally proud of Barack Obama, Michelle and even Sasha and Malia. I can only imagine the scrutiny one goes through as the “first family” I believe this country is truly MOVING FORWARD. Everyone of course is entitled to their opinion which makes America what it is, a melting pot of ideas.  There are those who of course take their rights to the extreme but that is neither here nor there. Stay Tuned


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